Kia ora – my name is Paula Tra and I’m very proud to say that I work for the families of GELC. I live in Glenfield with my lovely hubby Binh and our 3 children, Kimy, Ha-Ly and Lia-Lai. While my babies are adults now with only the youngest still at high school, I have always deeply appreciated the importance, joy and pure fun of the preschool years.
I am lucky to have had a connection with the GELC since my youngest daughter came here as a pre-schooler many moons ago. Back then, as a full-time Mummy, I was asked to relieve when teachers were absent – I enjoyed it so much that I did my training and returned to GELC in 2008 as a fully-qualified teacher and I have been here ever since!
I really love the sense of community and the warm, welcoming and respectful culture that GELC has. Being a ‘mixed-age’ centre allows siblings to grow and learn together which I see as a wonderful advantage for children, their families and the teaching team. I love that GELC is a place of learning for all – I have learned so much here, including just how much more there is to learn.


Kia ora. My name is Nick Batley. I have been a fully qualified early childhood teacher for 7 years but you could say have always been teaching in some way all my life. I am a big believer in allowing children to be free in their play and let them discover their strengths and passions in life at their own pace. I am a teacher that likes to be actively involved in the children’s learning and this is done by what I think it the most crucial and important part of being a teacher, building a strong and positive relationship with the children, parents, teachers, and community.

Over my career I have learnt and gain many skills in creating and designing learning environments for children where they can develop the tools needed as they adventure through their learning educational journey.

Overall, I am someone that is passionate about teaching and seeing children learn and grow. I like to have fun, use humour and just have a good time all round.


I am a fully registered teacher who graduated from AUT in 2011. I have been a teacher at GELC for 5 years and one of my favourite parts of working here is the strong sense of community.

Being a part of the learning journey for a child over several years and then having their younger siblings join us is incredibly special. My favourite learning experiences to set up are ones that encourage the children and I to ask ourselves “what”, “how” and “why”.

I also enjoy baking and sometimes plan baking activities for the children.


Hi everyone

My name is Verneese Ioane and I am New Zealand-born Samoan.

I currently stay in Manukau but enjoy my travels here to Northshore 🙂 I have a bachelor degree in education and have been teaching here since 2014.

I enjoy coming this far because the relationship we have here is strong and the teaching team help support one another and that support drives me to come up with creative and rigorous ideas here at GELC.


Kia Ora, my name is Almira Marie Martinez. I was born and raised in The Philippines and moved here in Aotearoa when I was 14 years old.

I have been with Glenfield Early Learning Centre since 2015 after finishing my studies at Auckland University Of Technology doing Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

I love working at G.E.L.C because it is a non-profit organisation that caters for mix-age.



Kia Ora. My name is Lucy Xie. I am from China and I moved to New Zealand with my husband and our son in 2018. I have a master’s degree in British and American Literature and I was a certified English teacher in China.

Being a mom, I really enjoyed playing at home with my son and making arts and crafts for/with him. Working as a reliever in several daycares here in Auckland was a good learning experience for me.

I really enjoy being a team member of GELC because of the supportive relationship we have here and the strong sense of community. I believe that children are capable and competent learners and their interests should be recognized, nurtured and extended.